September 30, 2020

Extra Super Levitra Generic

What do you need to know about Extra Super Levitra Generic

The proprietary drug Extra Super Levitra Generic, which you can buy on our website, is a unique solution for modern men. The drug allows you to strengthen sweating, provides a persistent long-lasting erection and effectively delays the moment of onset of ejaculation.

It consists of two active substances: vardenafil and dapoxetine. The first – selectively affects the vessels, expanding them and increasing the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, which include the cavernous bodies of the penis. The result is a persistent, confident and quick erection. Dapoxetine helps to relax, relieve emotional tension, significantly strengthens the body’s response to sexual stimulation and prolongs the erection, several times increasing the time of sexual intercourse.

Complex effects of dapoxetine and vardenafil contribute to a qualitative improvement in erection even in the presence of organic problems. The duration and quality of the sexual intercourse is greatly improved, the overall endurance of the male body is increased.

Benefits of Extra Super Levitra Generic

  • time of action is 12 hours
  • powerful erection, regardless of the cause of its violation
  • problem of premature ejaculation completely disappears
  • no addictive effect
  • drug dissolves in the blood in 15 minutes

Indications and contraindications of Extra Super Levitra Generic


  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Premature ejaculation;
  • Low sexual stamina;
  • Lack of sexual desire.

Before purchase Extra Super Levitra Generic you need to know all contraindications. Extra Super Levitra Generic doesn’t affect the natural level of metabolism, does not affect the cardiovascular system and the hormonal background of the body. However, due to the complex component composition and the risk of complications associated with increased physical activity, the drug is contraindicated in the presence of the following diseases:

  • Aneurysms and other serious vascular anomalies
  • Angina pectoris
  • Pathologically low pressure
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Hypertension heavier than 1 degree

Clinical trials have shown high efficacy and safety of Extra Super Levitra Generic. Admission of the drug according to the recommendations of the attending physician is usually not associated with the development of serious side effects.

Approximately 5% of patients note mild nausea and heaviness in the stomach, dizziness, fever, sensation of “flies” before the eyes. Such symptoms pass independently for several hours and do not require correction of the course of treatment.

Take one tablet (or half) for 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse. Remember that this drug is not compatible with alcohol because of the presence of dapoxetine in it. And in general, Extra Super Levitra Generic shows itself a very reliable and convenient means for potency and increasing the duration of sex. If you decide to buy Extra Super Levitra Generic, then in our web-site it is almost always available.